Lifecycle Solutions

Lifecycle Solutions provides you to trust efficiently and effectively, and make IT equipments to reuse. Our Team will help to call you in regarding any enquiry related  equipment disposal or recycling for reuse the enhancement environmental solutions.

Electronic waste (or e-waste) is any electronic device that is obsolete or outdated and ready to be managed at its end of life. These electronics should be donated, reused or sent for recycling – just don’t throw them away!

Did you know…

On average each UK house holder has approximately 21 electronics products per household.
Sales of electronic products have doubled since 1997 with an estimated 438 million electronic products sold.
The global technology revolution and the demand for the latest and greatest technology are fueling the rapidly increasing electronic waste problem.
The solution to your e-waste is easy. Sending your end-of-life electronics for recycling is the easiest way to protect your personal data as well as protect the environment. Let GIA Recycling  be the solution.


We are completely integrated to support effectively any disposal of IT equipment, remote monitoring with fast, efficient response.

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