• Free Computer Recycling & IT Equipment Disposal

    Posted on Nov 20 2019

    Gia Recycling Solutions know valuable of your organisations information. We also know how managing data held in redundant equipment can be troublesome. Managing the peak of waste electronic equipment into 100% recycling or reuse. You need to need your recycling partner for ensuring 100%  data privacy and security. We assured that your data will never will be enhanced by any another user.  

  • Zero Cost IT Management Service

    Posted on Nov 20 2019

    Gia Recycling Solutions offers FREE recycling service to reuse the equipment.  We are very efficient and have  marvellous systems for waste management. We recycle  effectively everything data we receive and the proceeds for recycling activity that covers cost of the collection and processing what we do for our clients. The best way to recycle is to re-use the equipment which reduces the volume of waste electronics that our society disposes of and accordingly reduces the carbon footprint that recycling that waste would generate.  

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