Zero Cost IT Management

Gia Recycling Solutions offers FREE recycling service to reuse the equipment. 

We are very efficient and have  marvellous systems for waste management. We recycle  effectively everything data we receive and the proceeds for recycling activity that covers cost of the collection and processing what we do for our clients.

The best way to recycle is to re-use the equipment which reduces the volume of waste electronics that our society disposes of and accordingly reduces the carbon footprint that recycling that waste would generate.

 The baseline for all our services is that it should always be a zero cost to the client for recycling.

This means that there will be no disposal cost and if the cost of collection is minimal we won’t charge you for coming to collect it.

Reduced mileage means a smaller carbon footprint. It helps us to offer a FREE service and helps reduce the environmental impact of IT recycling

To find out how GIA Recycling can help you call our customer team on 0800 193 3368

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