Glass Recycling

For a fully accredited glass recycling service around the UK, look no further than GIA. we are lucky enough to have various additional UK hubs, which teamed with a flexible transport fleet allow us to operate on a nationwide basis, reducing the amount going to landfill with every customer.

At GIA, our commitment to reducing the amount going to landfill prompts us to recycle 100% of the waste we receive, wherever we can. We take the hassle and hazard out of glass recycling for our customers, collecting all unused glass and recycling it correctly.

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We work for businesses of any size, with no project being too small or too large for our honest, hardworking team, whose friendly and lively spirit never fails to create a real sense of community, wherever they operate.

Picture of Glass recycling

For an efficient and convenient glass recycling service at your premises, contact the team of experts at GIA and let us help the environment whilst helping you. We provide no-obligation free quotes to all our customers, and are always happy to help with any project.

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